Human Resource solutions for Schools,

Educational Establishments  & Businesses

We are a Niche Human Resources Specialist providing HR support to schools and businesses.

Our specialist HR consultants will provide you with  all of the HR policies, procedures and management guidance that your business, school or academy will need in line with the DOE & Government HR policies and procedures.

We can also offer a HR helpline service, where you will have access to an advisor when you need to talk something through, check out that you are in the right direction or get advice / guidance on how to proceed

Also, if you are an  experienced HR manager  who just needs to bounce an idea around or chat through your actions so far, we are happy to help.

Instead of having to deal separately with corporate and/or employment lawyers, benefits consultants, brokers, pay roll companies, recruiters, etc. the added value of Shakespeare Davenport  is that all of these services are dealt with under one roof. 


T: 01872 300449

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